Thursday, May 5, 2011


I sometimes think that I'm going to be falling through a hole when I get back to my classes, the ones that drag on and on and on. I guess that summer is another one of those things where it's a distraction to see how much you forget your academics, but i don't do that. No, I study. I am the only one in my school who can get an A in anything, well not gym. But that's alright; I can stick it out one more year. Until then it's study, study, study. No wavering now, I'm on a roll. I'm the nerdy type of girl; hidden in the back who keeps her head ducked from the crowd. I can tell that people look at me and giggle, I know rumors are being spread. Yeah, so what, I'm a virgin, at least I'm not a whore who does the whole school on the dirty deed. But I'll be a good girl and be dismissive to them, I'll keep my head down and my grades up, no need to be backing out now.
                     Sun filtered into my room, the open window letting in the warm summer breeze. The breeze welcomed my sleepy head, it wrapped around me like a boyfriend's arms wrapped around your waist. I turned my head to it, letting the sweet smell of grass waft through the air smelling of cucumbers and vegetation. Summer was like a release, a way of telling me better days would come. Ones of warmth and beaches. Too bad most of it would be spent in the dark clouds of Portland, Oregon. But of course I didn't know about that yet. I wasn't supposed to. I got out of my bed and ran my fingers along the spines of all my old books, they greeted me with a sigh (imaginative of course) of welcoming, recognizing the touch of a well known reader.

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