Sunday, June 5, 2011


    When Ivy had dreamed up the angels it was just a silly little game, a white lie and a little fun. But now that the angel sagged in
front of Ivy her mouth dropped. Blood had matted into the feathers of his wings and cuts where visible everywhere. On his shoulders his
 bare chest that hardly moved with his breath. A long cut covered hes cheek and roped up his face, along his eye. He was beautiful, yes,
but there were marks that laced over his chest, over his neck and down into the waistband of his designer jeans and tight, neat abs. He
reached for Ivy, his fingertips just lightly brushing her cheek, and then he fell to her feet gasping in such a horribly heart breaking way
that tears had gathered in Ivy's eyes. She dropped to her knees and laid his head into her lap, he watched her with his golden eyes and
held onto her hand so tightly that her hand began to burn.
    "Shh," she said smoothing dark hair from his face. Tears slipping down her cheeks and onto his face. "Your going to be OK,"
she promised, trying to sooth herself and her own fears. All the while he watched her and with one delicately tattooed hand he wiped one
tear away, and pressed it to his lips tasting her salt. And then he closed his eyes and sagged into her arms. She cried over his sleeping
face, until she fall asleep with her head on his chest.
    She stretched and her hand brushed against something soft and warm. She opened her eyes to see but it was pitch black and
her hand slowly twisted one soft feather around her finger. A rustle in the dark made her sit up and feel around her.
    "Angel?" a soft chuckle next to her ear made her turn her head to him.
    "Is that what you have chosen to call me?" his soft deep voice said. It made her blush and hide her face in her hands. Cool
fingers tilted Ivy's head up, her hair falling behind her into the unholy darkness. "My name is whatever you chose,"
    "Well, don't you have name?" She wondered pushing back her bangs, a nervous gesture that she had learned from her mother.
    "Yes, I do,"
    "Well what is it?" She said, shifting around in the bed, jumping a little at the feel of wings against her skin. He chuckled again
at her jumpiness.
    "My name is Lucifer," his voice hardened a little when he said his name, making her think that he hated his name. She dropped
her head. "I don't hate my name. It's just the history behind it, I get a bad reputation from it." Frowning she lifted her head, her lips
touching warm skin just for a moment.
    "Turn on the light, I can't see anything,"
    "I can see you," for some reason a blush crept back onto her cheeks
    "How does this work?"
    "Every person has an aura, your aura is bright. It's gold and solid, which means your a kind person and your calm," she blinked
and picked at her nail. "I know that your picking at your nail because your blushing and that when you blush you curl hair around your
finger." She reached for her hair but thought better of it and dropped her hand making Lucifer laugh.
    "Well you know all this about me, but I know nothing of you," she said straining her eyes to see. "I don't even know where we
are," a small shift on the bed and a click, the room was bathed in light. Ivy was in her own room, surrounded by the neat stack of books
and papers that cluttered the floor. Clothes strewn across the arms of her chairs, the curtians billowed out from the open window,
showing the night outside.
    "Home," he whispered softly.
    "Why are we here?!" she squealed fighting to keep her voice quiet. "What about my mother and father! And my sister?!" she
bounced off the bed and started pacing around the square room. "Oh my god, their going to be furious! No they'll be murderous! They'll
chop off my head and feed it to their co-workers! Better yet their going chop you up and feed you to me!" her hands were on her head
pulling little tiffs of black hair. Blue eyes bulging into a child-like size. Lucifer enjoyed watching her babble about different ways her
family members would kill her and him. His soft laughing made her turn to him angrily."What?! this is your fault you know!" she accused
pointing a pale, tiny finger at him. Her bangs had flopped into her eyes and her cheeks were flushed pink with rage.
    "I brought you here because you told me to," he said waiting for her reaction. Ivy put her finger down and messed with the
end of her baggy tee-shirt where she must have picked at a lot because the end was frayed. She twisted the thread around her pinky.
    "Oh," she whispered.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Angel wings

I plead on knees of pain and sorrow.
And pray to angels I know have taken away.
A person I shall never see and yet my tears fall uselessly.
Chills find my shivering back and rake icy fingers down my spine.
And still I'm left to pine from memories he's left behind.
Broken, bruised and left alone.
Cold as ice and broken stones.
Angels wings have flown away.
A decision I cannot sway.
And for what's left I cannot say because his tears have fallen away.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I guess that they are right, those lying snakes, with the blackness of their tongues.
A light to never emerge is a mistake a threat and bond.
But the coiled snakes are shivering in poison
and the rest are drawn in fire.
In the shadows are the prisoners.
And too the death we must fight to help them get away.
For the snakes we must steak our lives to defeat the lies and dirty words and then we save the day.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old times

Koco sat criss-cross on my purple blankets that crinkled around her legs."So I saw you eyeballing  that boy!" she smiled showing her teeth, eyes making crows feet and widening them to a childlike size.
   "Who is he!" she sequels and I cover my ears.
  "Well he just moved in across the street," I looked up to see her exotic blue eyes light up to the news.  
   "Nothing like that Ko, I was just curious and anyway," I rambled as I took a nervous sip of my coco "You'd be the first to know if that happened."
  The next day I slowly walked up the hill form school slowing my feet when I turned a corner. There was that boy. "Oh!" I said surprised when I saw him. "hello, are you going to be going to school here next trimester?" I stood looking at my bright pink convers and shifting uncomfortable in my multi-colored peacoat. My scarf came undone on one side and I quickly replaced it. All this time his brown eyes on my face.
   "Well yes I am," the snow glittered in the background.I stuck out on purple gloved hand
   "I'm Kelly. Nice to meet you..." he took my small purple hand in his and shook it.
   "Johnathan. You can call me Johnny," I heard the high pitched laugh of Koco.
  "Nice to meet you, I hope to see you around school. If you need someone to help you around school just have the office call me up!" I waved back to him and took off up the hill.
    I jumped up to meet Koko and I gave her a huge hug. She laughed and hugged me back. "Lonnie this is my little sister Kelly. Kelly this is Lonnie he's my new boyfriend," My face scowled at the dark middle aged man. 
   "Hello Lonnie," I said trying to make my eyes into slits.
   "Hey Kelly, whats going on," he smiled but it was fake and I knew it. It looked forced upon his face and I realized that he loathed me. He probably hated me also because I wore many diffrent colors. His hair was black and his face was pale and he wore a long black trench coat, I couldn't see his feet.
    Days turned into months and months into years. I drifted form my sister and became best friends with Johnny. Me and my sister fought more and more. The worse was the last. "You just hate me! Ever since that day three years ago you changed!" I screamed through my tears "You found someone dark and ugly and you morphed into one of them!" I screeched trying to quit the silly wet tears that ran down my cheeks, they seemed to have a mid of their own.
   "No Kellrain I haven't, you have! You never talked to me, you never have anytime to do anything! You went straight to brat town! You hang out with that shady Jonny kid all the time. It's your fault mom died and you know it!" that was below the belt and my knees buckled under my weight. I was breech and she died half way through my birth. Koko never really ever told me that it was my fault, quite the opposite.
    I jumped to my feet and grabbed that same multi-colored coat off the rack, threw it to the ground in front of her and flung the door open. I raced out side and to fith street. I climbed up the torn latter of my old tree house that was never finished and curled up into a ball. I heard foot steps that followed quickly. It wasn't Koco it was Jonny. "Rain!" he cryed in relief "Rain where are your shoes and coat?" he sat me up wiped the tears off my cheek with his dark Indian hands "you know what, that doesn't matter," he pulled me into his lap, tucked his jacket around me and let me ruin his shirt.
    Now she looked so frail in the hospital bed skin yellow and tranclucent. I now bend my head to her ear and wisper "I'm sorry," take my bag and shoes and walk off with the multi-colored coat on the chair next to the flowers and cards. As I get into Jonny's car he stops pulls me into his lap and, just like when we were thirtteen, lets me ruin his shirt.

Goodbye Grandmother Christine

If I could take those words back and trade them in do you think I could do it?
Do you think I would have rode in the car with the women that had the short red hair?
Where are you now that I need you?
Are you in heaven with grandad?
Are you sleeping on a pillow made up of clouds?
Of course you could end up in hell.
But I won't think of you like that. And neither will big brother.
My heart aches with your absence and I can her your old voice cracking as you sing my lullaby.
I feel your cool touch as you caress my cheek to check for the fever.
I smell your husky sent of sandalwood and clover.
I feel you brushing back my blonde hair with the silver brush that you pulled through your own black mane.
I feel you slipping through my fingers and I see you last on the small couch curled up with me as a small child.
I cry out, you look up and smile with tears in your eyes and I hear you say those last words I will ever hear fall from your lips "I love you sweetheart, sleep tight"
And then I wake with all my goodbyes still left on my lips.


Through her eyes all she sees is pain and lies.
Each cut equals tears she's cried because of fears.
Every movement she makes is another pull of the puppeteer.
Bloody wooden hands piece together life and mend to pain.
Through her eyes she sees lies and another slice is what she bares.


I can feel the gun’s bang signal off the worst. That another life isn’t spared. I can feel the weight of the dead, mentally and physically, it weighs on me makes me do unthinkable things, unspeakable things. Her lifeless body sagging to the ground in a pile of unmoving mass, it’s painful and irreversible. I can’t remember when I’ve ever felt like this, but that’s a lie, I feel it every time a gun goes off, I feel it in the tremors of the explosions the painstaking screams that claw the walls of my nightmares. I remember the lips she used to kiss me with, the rose buds, soft and strong against mine, I never thought about it when I had her because she was always there. She never left me, she never let go of my hand. And now in the wake of a fired gun, she is gone and those lips will never feel the joy I felt when she kissed me when she was alive and laughing, I never knew until she was gone, just how much I would miss her. Just how much she really meant to me. She sits hunched over with her never opening green eyes that were always trained on me, reading my expressions. I loved her, my lover, my life, gone in a matter of seconds. In a bang of confusion. I scream and gather her corps in my arms, blood seeping through my fingers, inescapable sobs stuck in my throat as she slips away into a light that I will never see for a long time. Until the fateful day I do die. In those seconds of agony and pain, making a fire burn deep inside me, an unseen fire of hate. A gem, glistening and shimmering black and unholy. I vowed to never love a woman ever again.