Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old times

Koco sat criss-cross on my purple blankets that crinkled around her legs."So I saw you eyeballing  that boy!" she smiled showing her teeth, eyes making crows feet and widening them to a childlike size.
   "Who is he!" she sequels and I cover my ears.
  "Well he just moved in across the street," I looked up to see her exotic blue eyes light up to the news.  
   "Nothing like that Ko, I was just curious and anyway," I rambled as I took a nervous sip of my coco "You'd be the first to know if that happened."
  The next day I slowly walked up the hill form school slowing my feet when I turned a corner. There was that boy. "Oh!" I said surprised when I saw him. "hello, are you going to be going to school here next trimester?" I stood looking at my bright pink convers and shifting uncomfortable in my multi-colored peacoat. My scarf came undone on one side and I quickly replaced it. All this time his brown eyes on my face.
   "Well yes I am," the snow glittered in the background.I stuck out on purple gloved hand
   "I'm Kelly. Nice to meet you..." he took my small purple hand in his and shook it.
   "Johnathan. You can call me Johnny," I heard the high pitched laugh of Koco.
  "Nice to meet you, I hope to see you around school. If you need someone to help you around school just have the office call me up!" I waved back to him and took off up the hill.
    I jumped up to meet Koko and I gave her a huge hug. She laughed and hugged me back. "Lonnie this is my little sister Kelly. Kelly this is Lonnie he's my new boyfriend," My face scowled at the dark middle aged man. 
   "Hello Lonnie," I said trying to make my eyes into slits.
   "Hey Kelly, whats going on," he smiled but it was fake and I knew it. It looked forced upon his face and I realized that he loathed me. He probably hated me also because I wore many diffrent colors. His hair was black and his face was pale and he wore a long black trench coat, I couldn't see his feet.
    Days turned into months and months into years. I drifted form my sister and became best friends with Johnny. Me and my sister fought more and more. The worse was the last. "You just hate me! Ever since that day three years ago you changed!" I screamed through my tears "You found someone dark and ugly and you morphed into one of them!" I screeched trying to quit the silly wet tears that ran down my cheeks, they seemed to have a mid of their own.
   "No Kellrain I haven't, you have! You never talked to me, you never have anytime to do anything! You went straight to brat town! You hang out with that shady Jonny kid all the time. It's your fault mom died and you know it!" that was below the belt and my knees buckled under my weight. I was breech and she died half way through my birth. Koko never really ever told me that it was my fault, quite the opposite.
    I jumped to my feet and grabbed that same multi-colored coat off the rack, threw it to the ground in front of her and flung the door open. I raced out side and to fith street. I climbed up the torn latter of my old tree house that was never finished and curled up into a ball. I heard foot steps that followed quickly. It wasn't Koco it was Jonny. "Rain!" he cryed in relief "Rain where are your shoes and coat?" he sat me up wiped the tears off my cheek with his dark Indian hands "you know what, that doesn't matter," he pulled me into his lap, tucked his jacket around me and let me ruin his shirt.
    Now she looked so frail in the hospital bed skin yellow and tranclucent. I now bend my head to her ear and wisper "I'm sorry," take my bag and shoes and walk off with the multi-colored coat on the chair next to the flowers and cards. As I get into Jonny's car he stops pulls me into his lap and, just like when we were thirtteen, lets me ruin his shirt.

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